Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greetings! Well, my customers are telling me that I need a BLOG! Not totally sure why I need one, but they tell me it is like a journal entry instead of a full fledged newsletter. Just a quick update...a little more personal than the website, something that I don't need to send out to the email list--they will come to me. OK--let's give it a try! Now I am wondering just how you will find this...maybe I could put it on my website: or add it to my package hang-tags that go home on every purchase. I 'spose I could email a note to let folks know that it's here. And just when am I going to work on it? I guess there is that time from midnight until 4am that isn't tied up with anything but sleeping.

More telling you about my trip down south Tuesday to deliver a purchase to one of my customers and trying to shop along the way home? Bought a grand total of 4 things! Not exactly what I had hoped for, but you have to kiss a few frogs along the way! Did have a nice visit with my customer who is recovering from a skiing accident with a broken pelvis! Yikes! Get well soon, Madeline! Also had a lovely lunch at at Greek restaurant in Ventura at the harbor!

The day before I had an appointment to purchase some things from the nicest friend in Arroyo Grande! Such lovely things and in wonderful condition--quite a treat! You will see some of them in the store for the Spring Open House (March 7-8) and some at the Remnants of the Past Show in Nipomo April 25th.

As I write this I am surrounded by bunnies and chicks and sooooo many cute Easter things! I'll post a photo as soon as I figure out how and take some!

I hope this note finds you well and happy and optimistic about a beautiful Spring filled with hugs and daffodils and long walks in the cool crisp breeze.

Warm regards,