Friday, July 31, 2009

So many new little time!

Hi! Happy Friday to you!

What an exciting week! My family from Utah is visiting and Courtney and Tom's son, Isaac Russell performed in LA then next at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield and then at the Midstate Fair in Paso Robles. I went to the Bakersfield performance and what a wonderful night! After a trip to finalize all of his contracts with Columbia Recording Co. and Sony we had a celebration dinner for Isaac and offer congratulations to this 17 year old talented boy! His current CD is RURU Elizabeth and there will be a new one out after the first of the year.

Unfortuantely, this CD is sold out, but you can still get songs from it on iTunes and on his website, which I cannot remember right now! Sorry--will add it later!
And--the other exciting thing that happend while they were here is that Tom helped me select an new laptop computer! We're busy now getting everything loaded onto it, and then of course, the kids said, "Grandma Bonnie--you must start a facebook page..." so now I'm blogging, facebooking, emailing and trying to keep up the when am I going to shop for the store, work in it and keep the displays changing???! (And by the way, I didn't even know that these words were verbs!!)
Ah, technology...will it never end? I need a nap.
Hope your Summer is going well--come over here and cool off! It's LOVELY...
Happy day, Bonnie


  1. My family and I are coming up to Cambria soon and looking forward to visiting "Birds of a Feather" :) We always enjoy seeing what new treasures you have in the store.
    Also, I looked up Isaac on iTunes and he is unique and talented.
    looking forward to the cool weather!

  2. Bonnie, you are amazing with your techno abilities! Let me know how Facebook works for you. I am still contemplating that one.

  3. I cannot even operate a cell phone.LOL....My daughter helps me alot on blogger,but I am learning to do some things on my won.Good luck with your lap top.XXOO marie Antionette