Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post Valentine's Day!

Well, today is my first day back at the store after a few days off for the Arroyo Grande show and a day or two of errands, laundry and exciting things like that! Lots of new things to look forward to this week...restocking the store for the next two weeks and preparing for the Spring Open House on March 6-7!
My goodness this new year is just flying by!

This photo is a little glimpse of a big collection of white ironstone that I recently purchased. Ironstone is so wonderful--sturdy, practical, yet elegant and goes with most any other dishes! I love it and am so excited to have these lovely large pieces to offer my customers.

Don't forget I'll be closed the week before my 10th Anniversary Spring Open House--busy changing the whole store over to Spring and Easter old and new. Visit my website: for an update soon of what will be featured at the open house!

Enjoy Spring!


  1. Tenth Anniversary! Congratulations, Bonnie! I love the white ironstone....just beautiful. See you at the open house!

  2. We will be up right before Easter--will you be open the 1st-3rd of April? I hope so! :)