Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Header!

A big THANK YOU! to my friend Jenny Malott for designing the header for my new blog! She is the ever so talented creator of "Live Artfully" magazine and has graciously helped me jazz up my little blog with this new art as well as taught me some new tricks: like adding a photo inside the text of my posting! This photo of her latest magazine (on sale at Birds of a Feather, by the way!) features wonderful recipes and happenings and people all from the Central Coast--only $5.75 per copy!

My friend, Patti Erwin of Cambria hosted us for a little "blog class" at her home and served such a delicious lunch--and tea and cookies! What fun to learn something in this delightful setting with two such sweet gals! Thank you to both of you!


  1. Your blog's looking great! It's amazing how much pizzazz a wonderful header can make.

  2. Love your Banner. She did a great job!